If you spend hours each day working on a computer, chances are you’ve experienced some neck, shoulder or back pain. This discomfort is often caused by poor ergonomics – specifically, having to crane your neck to view your monitor screen placed too low or far away on your desk.

The rise of remote work has led many people to workfull-time on laptops positioned at awkward angles. Even those in office settings frequently contend with monitors situated too low or distantly. Over time, this can cause serious strain.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to optimizing your workstation ergonomics: an adjustable monitor arm. These ingenious devices clamp to your desk and give you full flexibility to position your screen at the perfect height and distance for your needs.

This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when shopping for an ergonomic monitor arm. With the right selection customized for you, you can say goodbye to neck pain and enjoy a comfortable, productive workstation. Let’s dive in!

Why You Need an Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Standard monitor stands place your screen at a fixed height and angle. But every user’s needs are different based on the desk setup, viewing distance and their own height. An adjustable monitor arm allows custom positioning so you can place the screen precisely at eye level.

This not only prevents neck strain from awkward positions, but also:

For maximum ergonomics, an adjustable monitor arm is essential. The ability to position your screen at the exact right height, distance, tilt and angle for your body will help you work in comfort.

Key Features of Quality Monitor Arms

With so many monitor arms on the market, how do you identify the best options for your needs? Here are the key features to evaluate:


The more adjustment range, the better – this maximizes your ability to customize placement. Look for:

High-quality arms also let you adjust tension and use angle stops for frequent positions.

Sturdy Build

Your monitor arm needs to securely support the weight of your monitor(s) without drooping or slipping. Check the weight capacity and make sure it exceeds your screen weight.

Also look for solid, heavy-duty materials like steel or aluminum rather than plastic which can crack over time. The arm joint and springs should be robust and rigid.

Cable Management

An arm with built-in cable routing conceals wires neatly through the arm itself for a clean look. Internal cable channels also prevent tangled wires.

Easy Installation

Look for a simple clamp or grommet mounting system for quick DIY installation. The arm should ship with all necessary hardware and clear instructions.

Arm Extension

Make sure the arm reach and extension will position the monitor over your desk work area. Measure how far back your display needs to sit for your optimal viewing distance.

Monitor Compatibility

Confirm the arm works with your monitor’s VESA mount size (typically 75×75 mm or 100×100 mm). Many arms support a range of VESA sizes.


A 3-5 year warranty ensures you’re covered if any defects arise in materials or workmanship.

Finding an arm that ticks all these boxes provides you with the full range of ergonomic adjustments needed for all-day comfort.

Top 5 Ergonomic Monitor Arms

With so many options on the market, I’ve researched and identified the best ergonomic monitor arms available today based on adjustability, build quality, weight capacity, value and buyer reviews.

All the picks below have excellent range of motion for tilt, rotate, swivel and height adjustments. They’re made of solid steel materials with high weight capacities, cable management and VESA mounting compatibility.

Let’s look at the standout pros and cons of each to find your perfect match!

1. Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm

Key Specs:

The Jarvis arm from Fully provides exceptional smooth adjustability and stability. The combination of 360° rotation, 180° vertical tilt and generous 15.7″ height range gives you complete flexibility in positioning.

Integrated cable management keeps wires tidy. At 33 lbs capacity, it comfortably handles heavy monitors. The arm looks sleek and modern.



Ideal For: Those wanting maximum adjustability, heavy monitor support and seamless installation.

2. Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm

Key Specs:

This dual arm from Ergotron allows side-by-side positioning of two displays while providing independent adjustments for each. The sturdy steel construction and 19″ height adjustment easily accommodate two 24″ monitors.

Integrated cable management keeps wires organized through the arms. It has a sleek polished look.



Ideal For: Those needing independent positioning for dual monitors.

3. AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand

Key Specs:

This affordable single arm from AmazonBasics delivers smooth, adjustable movement at a budget price. The high 20 lb weight capacity accommodates large monitors, while the durable aluminum build feels sturdy and stable.

Cable clips keep wires organized within the arm. Installation is quick and simple.



Ideal For: Cost-conscious shoppers wanting an affordable but sturdy adjustable arm.

4. Vivo Stand V001E Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

Key Specs:

This wildly popular dual arm from Vivo holds two monitors up to 27″ each while providing smooth, independent adjustments of tilt, swivel and rotation. The steel construction feels reassuringly solid and supports the monitors well.

Cable management clips run along the arm. Setup takes just minutes with the included toolkit. The price is reasonable for a dual arm.



Ideal For: Those wanting an affordable but quality dual arm.

5. North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount

Key Specs:

This sleek single arm from North Bayou provides excellent stability and adjustability at a very wallet-friendly price point. The aluminum alloy body supports monitors up to 14.3 lbs and moves fluidly through the full range of tilt, swivel and rotation.

While the 4.6″ height range is lower than premium brands, it still accommodates proper ergonomic positioning. The arm also looks very modern and stylish.



Ideal For: Budget shoppers wanting a basic arm with good adjustability at a bargain price.

Key Monitor Arm Buying Considerations

Beyond the standard features, keep these factors in mind when choosing an ergonomic monitor arm tailored for you:

Mounting Type

Arms come with clamp, grommet, wall or freestanding base mounts. Clamps are fastest if your desk surface is under 2″ thick. Grommets require drilling a hole but work on any desk. Wall mounts conserve desk space in tight quarters.

Adjustment Range

Make sure the arm movements meet your height, tilt and viewing distance needs. If you’re tall, an arm with at least 20″ height adjustment ensures proper placement.

Weight Capacity

Verify the arm is rated to safely hold the weight of your monitor(s). Scale up capacity if you have a large, heavy display.

Arm Extension

Consider the “wingspan” needed to precisely situate your monitor(s) for your optimal viewing position. Measure the distance from the back of your desk to the ideal screen placement.

Monitor Size

For ultrawide or curved displays, make sure the arm can accommodate larger than average monitor sizes and weights.

Desk Setup

If clamp mounting, check that your desk thickness falls within spec. For extra thick surfaces, a grommet mount may be best.


Single arms range from $50-300 based on features and build. Dual arms run $100-500. Decide how much you can invest for the ideal arm capabilities.


Some arms aim for minimalist, sleek designs if appearance matters in your workspace. Look for integrated cable management for a clean look.

Single vs. Dual Arm

Dual arms allow using two screens. If you only need one, a single arm will save money. Some arms can add a second monitor later.

Considering these factors will ensure you select the perfect monitor arm tailored to your desk setup, monitors, budget, visual needs and preferences.

Installing Your Monitor Arm

Once you’ve selected the ideal arm, it’s time for the fun part – installing it! Follow these tips for a smooth process:

With a methodical installation approach, you’ll have your new ergonomic monitor arm up and running in no time! Adjust as needed in the first days to tweak into your most comfortable setup.


An adjustable monitor arm is one of the best investments you can make for a more ergonomic, comfortable workstation. No more neck and back pain from straining to view a fixed monitor positioned too low or distantly!

Finding an arm with the right mix of features tailored to your needs, desk setup and budget will transform your daily experience. The ability to easily position your display at the optimal height, distance and angle removes distractions of discomfort.

This allows you to fully focus on your work and stay productive all day long. Plus, the added desk space and flexibility to adjust positions are real gifts.

With the knowledge from this guide’s monitor arm comparisons, buying considerations and installation tips, you have everything needed to choose the perfect arm. Say goodbye to monitor-induced pain and enjoy all the benefits of a customized, ergonomic setup!

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