Capezio Women’s Daisy Ballet Dance Shoe for Beginners and Professionals


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Escape into the world of ballet with the Capezio Women’s Daisy Ballet Dance Shoe. These beautiful ballet slippers feature a delicate daisy print lining that will make you feel like a prima ballerina the moment you slip them on. Constructed from soft, premium leather, these are much more than just a pretty pair of shoes. They are designed for dancing with special features to support the unique movements of ballet.

The upper is made from full-grain leather that molds to your feet for a perfectly comfortable custom fit. The leather is durable yet soft and pliable to allow full range of motion. The suede leather outsole provides just the right amount of grip and slide, letting you gracefully move across the floor. The smooth suede glides across the floor while still providing traction for spins and balances. Hammered pleats on the sole provide an even smoother transition from demi-pointe to full pointe.

Inside, the 100% cotton daisy print lining not only looks elegant but also wicks moisture to keep your feet dry. The soft cotton sock liner prevents rubbing while the pre-attached elastic drawstring allows you to adjust the fit. With a snug fit over the instep and secure hold of the heel, your foot is supported while still having the freedom to point and flex.

While being pretty as a picture, these Capezio ballet slippers are also designed for dancing. The suede sole and cotton lining make them suitable for indoor practice and performances. The elastic drawstring, foam padded insole and snug fit provide comfort and support during long rehearsals. The full suede outsole is durable to withstand daily wear while still being lightweight.

These ballet slippers have been worn by generations of dancers, both beginners learning their first plié and professionals twirling on worldwide stages. Their versatility and comfort make them suitable for all levels of ballet. The supple leather allows beginning dancers to feel the floor while molding to the shape of the foot. Intermediate and advanced dancers will appreciate the support during jumps and turns.

One key tip when selecting your size is to go up 1⁄2 to 1 full size from your street shoe size. Capezio ballet shoes are sized to fit very snugly with no room for your foot to slide around inside. This ensures you have full control and feel grounded during leaps and pointe work. The snug fit also prevents blisters from friction. Many customers recommend sizing up, especially if you plan to wear them with toe pads or will be dancing en pointe.

These shoes have a narrow profile, so if you have wide feet you may want to consider going up 1⁄2 size. The leather will stretch and form to your feet over time so don’t worry if they feel tight during the break-in period. Capezio recommends wearing the shoes for short periods at first to gradually ease into the snug fit. If you follow the sizing recommendations, you’ll be rewarded with a custom ballet slipper that forms perfectly to your feet.

While being designed for dancing, Capezio has not overlooked style. The delicate daisy print lining gives these shoes a feminine and whimsical look. The leather aging over time only adds to their charm. And as you dance and break them in, they become uniquely yours. The “This belongs to” satin ID tag allows you to mark them as your own.

Capezio has been crafting dance shoes since 1887. Their experience and mastery in shoemaking shines through in every aspect of these ballet slippers. Over 130 years later, they are still the gold standard in dance footwear. Trust Capezio to create a shoe that is tailored for ballet, stylishly unique and comfortably durable. Let your inner ballerina shine every time you put on these beautiful shoes.


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