Capezio Women’s Daisy Classic Ballet Slippers


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Experience the joy of dancing in the Capezio Women’s Daisy Classic Ballet Slippers. These beautiful ballet shoes feature a soft leather upper with a delicate daisy print lining that will make you feel like a prima ballerina. The full suede leather outsole provides durability for dance, while the pre-attached elastic criss-cross straps and drawstring allow you to find the perfect fit.

Leather Upper Creates a Custom Fit

The upper of the Capezio Daisy ballet slippers is constructed from premium leather that molds to your feet for a custom fit. The leather hugs your foot’s contours, reducing abrasion and hot spots. The supple material moves with you as you point, flex, and turn across the studio floor. The snug fit also provides lateral support during jumps and balances.

Full Suede Outsole for Durability

The outsole utilizes full chrome tanned suede leather that is durable enough for daily dance sessions. The suede offers just the right amount of grip, allowing you to move smoothly without sliding. It also reduces noise as you move across the floor, unlike plastic or rubber soled shoes. The suede sole wears well over time, maintaining traction and cushioning even after months of use.

Drawstring and Elastic for Adjustable Fit

Finding your perfect fit is easy with the drawstring and elastic straps. The drawstring tie at the collar secures the slippers snugly around your ankles. Simply loosen or tighten to your desired tension. The attached 1/2 inch elastic criss-cross straps provide customizable arch and heel support. Adjust the elastics higher or lower depending on your foot shape and dancing needs.

Soft Lining for All Day Comfort

The cotton print lining and sock liner provide all-day comfort to keep your feet happy. The soft cotton lining feels smooth against your skin, wicking away moisture and preventing irritation. The padded sock liner cushions your steps, absorbing shock for less foot fatigue. The breathable lining also prevents stuffiness and odors inside the shoe.

Pleats Allow Natural Movement

The Capezio Daisy ballet slippers feature hammered pleats under the toes. These allow the leather to move naturally with the flexing of your feet. The pleats eliminate resistance and binding when pointing or rising up en pointe. The smooth pleats also ensure consistent contact with the floor for optimal traction and control.

Ballet Class to Prima Ballerina

Capezio has been crafting dance shoes since the late 1800s. Generations of dancers have grown up wearing Capezios to their first ballet classes and onto the world’s biggest stages. The Capezio Daisy continues this legacy with beautiful details like the floral lining. Slip into these ballerinas to feel the grace and artistry of dance.

Find Your Perfect Fit

The Capezio Daisy ballet slippers run approximately 1/2 to 1 full size larger than standard street shoe sizing. Refer to the size chart and select your slippers 1/2 to 1 size down from your usual shoe size for the best fit. The adjustable drawstring and elastics allow you to further adapt the shoes to your feet. Wear the slippers with tights or socks to prevent irritation at the heel or toes. Break them in slowly before dancing for extended periods.

Size Chart

Street Shoe Size Ballet Slipper Size
5 4.5
6 5.5
7 6 – 6.5
8 7 – 7.5
9 8 – 8.5
10 9 – 9.5

Care Tips

Follow these tips to extend the life of your Capezio Daisy ballet slippers:

  • Allow shoes to air and dry fully between wearings to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Stuff with tissue paper after dancing to return to shape.
  • Clean leather upper gently with damp cloth.
  • Use shoe stretch spray if leather tightens over time.
  • Suede brush may be used to revive napped outsole.
  • When sewing elastics, avoid excess tension to prevent tears.

Whether you’re just starting out in ballet or have years of experience, the Capezio Daisy ballet slippers are a versatile shoe that can help you progress. Their quality leather construction and adjustablity provide comfort and support during classes, rehearsals, or performances. Order your pair today to feel beautiful and confident at barre, in center, or on stage.


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