Capezio Women’s E-Series Slip On Jazz Dance Shoes – Comfortable, Lightweight, and Stylish Dance Footwear


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Glide across the dance floor in style and comfort with the Capezio Women’s E-Series Slip On Jazz Dance Shoes. These lightweight and flexible shoes are designed specifically for jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and modern dance styles. The split sole construction allows for ease of movement while the soft leather upper molds to your feet for a customized fit.

Superior Comfort for Dancers

Dancing for hours on end requires footwear that is gentle on your feet. The E-Series dance shoes feature a soft leather upper lined with breathable cotton that keeps your feet cool and dry. The foam padded insole cushions every step while the neoprene arch support and Achilles topline prevent rubbing and blisters. The low sides give your ankles room to flex freely.

Slip-On Convenience for Quick Changes

The slip-on design makes these jazz shoes easy to take on and off, saving precious time during dance competitions and performances that require frequent costume changes. The split sole folds easily for packing into your dance bag. Capezio added an EVA rubber sole patch to reduce wear and a non-slip heel counter for stability during turns and leaps.

Flexible Construction for Freedom of Movement

Dancers need footwear that moves with their bodies, not against them. The E-Series has a full leather and fabric upper that breaks in quickly to the shape of your feet. The split rubber sole bends and flexes to allow pointing your toes, jumping, and turning without resistance. The suede sole pads provide traction on studio floors.

Durable Materials Withstand Dance Classes

These jazz shoes are constructed from quality leather and fabric that hold up to hours of dance classes and rehearsals. The padding absorbs shock while the non-slip heel patch and suede sole prevent sliding across the floor. They can withstand the demands of daily dance training while retaining their shape and providing arch support.

Designed for Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Modern Dance

Capezio engineered the E-Series shoes specifically for jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and modern styles of dance that involve a lot of movement. The construction gives you the foot freedom that these dance genres demand while supporting your feet. The shoes break in quickly to mold perfectly to your feet.

Sizing Recommendations

Capezio recommends sizing these jazz shoes 1/2 size up from your street shoe size if you are a woman. Men should go up 2 1/2 sizes from their regular shoe size. The split sole nature allows your feet to spread out easily. Consider the thickness of your socks too.

Trusted Brand Known for Dance Footwear

Capezio has been crafting dance, theatrical, and active footwear since 1887. Their shoes are worn by professional dancers around the world. Capezio understands the demands dance places on your feet. The E-Series continues their tradition of innovative design to keep you dancing in comfort.

Customer Reviews

Here are just a few reviews from real dance students who love their Capezio E-Series jazz shoes:

“These are the most comfortable dance shoes I’ve ever worn. I can wear them for my 4 hour dance classes without any pain in my feet.”

“So lightweight and flexible. I can point my toes and move easily in these jazz shoes. The suede bottom grips the floor well for turns.”

“Slip these on and you are ready to dance! No laces to fuss with. I can change costumes quickly thanks to the split sole design.”

“Much better support than my last dance shoes. The arch support really helps with a long day of dancing. My feet don’t ache nearly as much.”

“Love how these mold to my feet! No uncomfortable rubbing or blisters. I actually look forward to dancing in these shoes.”

Ideal Uses

The Capezio E-Series is ideal dance footwear for:

  • Jazz dance class
  • Lyrical dance rehearsals and performance
  • Contemporary dance troupe
  • Modern dance studio
  • Dance competitions and recitals
  • Dance conventions and workshops
  • Musical theater stage productions

Satisfaction Guarantee

Capezio stands behind their dance footwear and offers a warranty against manufacturing defects. Insist on genuine Capezio brand for quality assurance.

Order the E-Series Jazz Dance Shoe Now

Experience comfortable, lightweight jazz shoes designed for freedom of movement and quick changes. Order the Capezio Women’s E-Series Slip On Jazz Dance Shoes today to elevate your dancing.


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