Capezio Women’s Footlight Dance Shoes – Lightweight and Flexible for Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Theater, and Practice


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Glide across the dance floor with grace and confidence in the Capezio Women’s Footlight T-Strap dance shoes. Specifically designed for ballroom, Latin, salsa, swing, theater, and practice, these shoes provide the perfect combination of flexibility, support, and lightweight comfort to help you shine.

Superior Construction for Dancing

The upper of these Capezio dance shoes is crafted from Nappa PU leather for a soft, supple feel that molds gently to your feet. The microfiber lining wicks moisture to keep feet cool and dry, while the foam padded insole cushions every step. A tapered toe box allows toes to move freely without pinching or squeezing.

The outsole consists of scored leather that provides the right amount of grip for turns and spins. Leather top lifts add durability to the 2 inch heel, allowing you to dance confidently knowing your shoes can keep up with you. The shoes feature Tele Tone toe taps and Duo Tone heel taps that are compatible for adding tap plates for audible taps, though plates are not included.

Designed for Dance

These women’s dance shoes are specially engineered to meet the demands of dance. The slightly tapered toe box provides room for toes to splay and point without constriction. A built-in Achilles notch minimizes rubbing at the ankle. The 2 inch heel adds lift and elongated lines suited for ballroom and Latin dances without being uncomfortably high.

The shank offers arch support while still allowing flexibility for pointing feet. The scored leather sole supplies traction for spins and quick direction changes. The smooth Nappa PU leather upper moves with your feet for complete freedom of motion. From swaying Latin hip movements to bounding Broadway leaps, these shoes allow natural mobility.

True Dance Fit

Finding the perfect ballroom and Latin dance shoes means getting the right fit. Capezio’s specialized dance sizing helps you find your true dance shoe size for a custom fit. Start with your street shoe size, then go up 1/2 size.

For example, if you normally wear an 8 medium width street shoe, then your Capezio dance shoe size would be an 8.5 medium width. The extra room in the toes and expanded sides allow your feet to spread naturally when pointing and prevent pinching during motions. The adjustable leather buckle strap also helps obtain an ideal individualized fit.

Trusted Quality

With over 130 years of experience outfitting dancers, Capezio is the leader in dance footwear. Their shoes are worn by dancers in top dance companies across the globe. Capezio sets the standard for comfort, flexibility, support, and durability.

Constructed with premium leathers and thoughtful dance-focused design, these shoes are built to perform. From ballroom dancefloors to salsa socials to theater stages, Capezio gives you the confidence to focus on your performance, not your shoes. Backed by Capezio, these shoes will be your dance partner for many dances to come.

Versatile for Multiple Dance Styles

Perfect for ballroom, Latin, swing, salsa, theater, and practice, these are an excellent all-around dance shoe. The smooth leather upper, flexible shank, and suede sole make them well-suited to the quick direction changes and graceful slides of ballroom and Latin dances.

The cushioned insole absorbs impact for comfortable practice sessions and dance classes. The 2 inch heel is ideal for the elongated leg lines of ballroom and Latin but moderate enough for fast swing dancing. Whether you need a shoe for smooth waltzes or rapid ChaChas, this versatile T-strap design can handle it all.

Enhance Line and Polish Look

The T-strap styling of these Capezio ballroom shoes is both functional and fashionable. The bands across the instep highlight the shape of your foot to elongate leg lines. The gathered pleating adds flair while allowing flexibility. The adjustable buckle strap enables you to personalize the fit.

The folded edges create a finished look so the shoes transition seamlessly from the studio to the ballroom floor. Choose from an array of color options to coordinate with practice wear or match performance costumes. The elegant styling of these Capezio dance shoes will bring polish to your dancing look.

All Day Comfort

Whether you’re competing, performing, or practicing, uncomfortable shoes can ruin your dancing experience. Enjoy all day comfort in these thoughtfully engineered Capezio ballroom shoes. Cushioning in the heel and forefoot softens impact for dancing comfort.

A built-in arch cookie and light shank deliver support to reduce foot fatigue. The moisture wicking microfiber lining keeps feet dry. The padded footbed prevents hotspots and blisters so you can keep dancing for hours. With outstanding comfort features, these shoes allow you to concentrate on the dance not your feet.

Trusted Brand of Dancewear

Founded in 1887, Capezio has a legacy spanning over 130 years outfitting dancers. They are recognized worldwide as the premier manufacturer of dance shoes, apparel and accessories. Capezio revolutionized dancewear by creating shoes that allow freedom of movement for athletic dance styles.

From classical ballet dancers to Olympic gymnasts to Broadway stars, Capezio has been the brand behind great dance performances. With technical dance expertise and innovation, they continue to create shoes to elevate dancers and help them perform at their best. For quality construction and dance-perfect design, choose Capezio.

Glide across ballroom dancefloors with elegance and confidence in the Capezio Footlight T-Strap dance shoes. With flexibility, cushioning, and lightweight comfort, these shoes are crafted to perform and built to last through countless dances.


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