CHAMPRO Boys’ Integrated Football Practice Pants with Built-In Pads – Safe and Durable Athletic Wear for Young Players


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Give your young footballer the protection and comfort he needs on the field with the CHAMPRO Boys’ Integrated Football Practice Pants. Specially designed for youth players, these athletic pants come with football pads already sewn into the hips, thighs, and knees for hassle-free, integrated protection during practices and scrimmages.

Built with high-quality 100% polyester fabric, these football pants offer a flexible, breathable fit that moves with your athlete. The lightweight double knit dyno-stretch material provides freedom of movement while maintaining shape and durability even after repeated machine washing. Integrated full-length web belt with a no-fly duke crotch allows for a secure, customized fit.

Engineered for Safety and Performance

CHAMPRO engineered these integrated football pants for safety, comfort, and performance. The built-in pads protect young players’ vulnerable lower bodies as they learn proper tackling and blocking techniques. Thigh pads shield the quads and hamstrings from bruising hits while knee pads prevent scrapes and injuries during practices and games.

The seamless single layer hip pads minimize bulk while protecting the hip bone from direct impact. Lightweight foam padding in the tailbone provides extra protection when players hit the ground. Your athlete can focus on becoming a better player without worrying about injuries.

Flexible Athletic Pants for Growing Athletes

Designed for growing kids, these durable football pants feature an adjustable web belt so you can custom fit your player’s waist. The belt weaves through the pant loops as a built-in component, so there are no extra pieces to attach or lose before practice. Pull the belt to your athlete’s ideal tightness for a secure fit that stays put during drills and scrimmages.

With their integrated pads and adjustable waist, these athletic pants accommodate your child’s changing body shape and size from season to season. The durable polyester fabric retains its integrity wash after wash, so you don’t have to replace these pants as frequently as other athletic wear. Greater value for your money means more funds for other football gear.

Machine Washable Football Pants

These padded football pants are fully machine washable for your convenience. Soil and grass stains come out easily after practices and games. Just use cold water on a gentle cycle, then either line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Built-in pads retain their protective qualities wash after wash, so you can reuse these pants season after season.

Ditch the football girdle and separate pad set. CHAMPRO’s integrated football pants streamline your player’s protective gear into one convenient garment. Well-fitting pants with built-in pads also help young athletes feel more confident during practices as they learn new skills.

CHAMPRO Integrated Football Pants Features:

  • Lightweight 100% polyester fabric
  • Dyno-stretch double knit material for flexible movement
  • Built-in, sewn-in hip, thigh, and knee pads
  • Full-length adjustable web belt with no-fly design
  • Machine washable
  • Durable construction and integrated pads last season to season

Ideal Protection for Youth Football Players

CHAMPRO engineered these integrated practice pants to meet the needs of young footballers. The built-in pad system protects developing muscles and joints from routine impacts during practices as your athlete gains skills. Adjustable waist and durable fabric accommodate growing kids from season to season.

For hassle-free protective wear, choose CHAMPRO Boys’ Integrated Football Practice Pants. The right gear gives young players the confidence to focus on becoming better athletes and teammates.


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