CHAMPRO Open-Bottom Loose-Fit Baseball Pant – Stay Cool and Comfortable on the Field


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Looking for the perfect baseball pant to keep you cool and allow full range of motion on the field? Look no further than the CHAMPRO Open-Bottom Loose-Fit Baseball Pant. Designed with the athlete in mind, these pants feature an open bottom to promote maximum breathability along with abrasion-resistant stretch fabric that moves with you. The adjustable inseam allows you to customize the length, while reinforced knees and seat stand up to repeated sliding.

Stay Cool and Comfy with the Open Bottom Design

As an athlete, you want to stay as cool and comfortable as possible when playing on a hot day. That’s why the open bottom on these baseball pants is such a game changer. The open leg design allows air to freely circulate, keeping you from overheating. No more sweaty, restrictive feeling when you’re trying to focus on the game.

The straight leg fit hangs comfortably without binding or bunching. When you’re running the bases or fielding balls in the outfield, the last thing you want is a distraction from pants that don’t allow freedom of movement. The loose fit through the legs on these CHAMPRO pants gives you that unrestricted range of motion you need to play your best.

Stretch Fabric Moves with You

These pants are constructed from 100% polyester TEK-KNIT fabric. This innovative textile incorporates stretch fibers that adapt to your motions. When you’re batting, chasing down fly balls or sliding into home plate, you need gear that flexes with your body.

The fabric is also specially designed to withstand abrasion. That means it holds up to close plays at bases and dives on the field without pilling, fraying or developing holes. No more sidelining pants because they rip after a few games. Give these CHAMPRO pants a slide test – the smooth finish resists snags.

Customizable Inseam for the Perfect Fit

Finding baseball pants that are long enough for taller players but don’t swallow shorter athletes can be a challenge. The adjustable inseam on these pants provides the solution. Hook-and-loop closures allow you to shorten the inseam up to 4 inches.

For pants with a 19-inch inseam, you can go down to 15 inches. On the 21-inch inseam style, you can reduce the length down to 17 inches. Dial in the ideal pant length for comfort and optimal performance. No more distracting extra fabric bunching around your cleats.

Going up a size to get the right length but ending up with an uncomfortably loose waistband is a common problem for players. With the adjustable inseam on these CHAMPRO pants, you can order the size that fits your waist and then customize the length. Get the perfect fit with less hassle.

Reinforced for Durability Where it Counts

Sliding into bases or diving for grounders can take a toll on your pants. The knees and back sliding areas on these CHAMPRO baseball pants are reinforced to withstand repeated contact with the field.

The seat and knees feature double-ply fabric for extra abrasion resistance in high wear zones. Sturdy stitching and bar tacks provide added structural integrity. Pants blowing out in the middle of a game will be a thing of the past.

Made from 14 oz. pro-weight textile, these pants are substantial enough for durability yet lightweight for comfort. The smooth finish resists snags and pulls so your pants stay intact even with frequent sliding.

Stay Tucked In with the Super-Grip Waistband

Few things are as annoying as having to stop and tuck in your jersey repeatedly when you’re on the field. The distinctive waistband on these pants helps keep your top in place. The 2.5-inch knit waistband incorporates Super-Grip Gel strips that anchor your jersey securely.

Seven belt loops allow you to add a belt for extra stability if desired. The waistband sits comfortably without diggin in or constricting your core as you move. Optimal coverage means you won’t have to worry about plumber’s crack when bending and stretching.

CHAMPRO Quality from a Trusted Brand

With over 25 years of experience outfitting athletes, CHAMPRO is synonymous with innovative performance sports gear. They utilize input from players, coaches and equipment managers when designing game-ready equipment.

CHAMPRO pioneered abrasion-resistant fabrics purpose-built to withstand the demands athletes put on their gear. Their product development team includes experts in textile technology, biomechanics and sports medicine. Leveraging this knowledge allows them to create equipment that enhances comfort and performance.

Thousands of amateur and pro baseball players already enjoy the advantages of CHAMPRO pants. Try them for yourself and experience the freedom to focus on your game rather than discomfort from ill-fitting, poorly performing pants. Never be distracted by overheating or restricted mobility again. Grab the competitive edge with the CHAMPRO Open-Bottom Loose-Fit Baseball Pant.


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